2020-2021 Tuition and Fees

Signature Program

Students enrolled in the Signature Program receive professional instruction on campus two days a week (K-5th grade) or three days a week (6th-10th Grade). Students study at home under the tutelage of their parents (or other designated co-teacher) the remaining days.
Grammar School 
(K-5th Grade)
$4,080 ~$340 / month*
Logic School 
(6th-8th Grade)
$5,480 ~$457 / month*
Rhetoric School
(9th-10th Grade)
$6,580 ~$549 / month*

* Assumes a 12 payment plan beginning in June. FACTs will also assess a one time fee of $45 upon plan registration. See Payment Plans section below.
    Additional Costs
    • New applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75 per family.
    • There will be additional costs for the procuring of textbooks and other school supplies (pencils, erasers, dress code compliant clothing, etc.). A list of required textbooks and materials will be provided before the start of the school year.
    • Standardized Testing Fee of $25/student will be assessed in Spring for all students 1st grade and above.
    • Additional fees may apply for student activities (field trips or other events).

Independent Study Program

Students in 6th grade and above have the option to enroll in the Independent Study Program and attend classes on campus five days/week in a University Model schedule and complete their satellite day assignments on campus in a professionally staffed learning center.

Tuition for the Independent Study Program is in addition to the Signature Program tuition.
Additional Tuition $1,750 ~$146 / month


Multi-Student Discounts

2nd Student 15% Discount
3rd Student 40% Discount
4th Student and after 50% Discount

The largest discount is applied to the student with the lowest tuition. In other words, the student with the highest tuition liability is considered the "1st student".

Payment Plans

Providence uses the FACTS tuition management system for processing tuition payments. Each family is required to create a FACTS account if they do not already have one.
    Plan Options
  • A family will select a payment plan during FACTS account setup at registration. There are three possible payment plans for families to choose from:
    • Single Payment Plan
      Full tuition paid prior to the start of school
    • Two Payment Plan
      (incurs $20 FACTS Fee)
      Half tuition paid prior to each semester
    • Twelve Payment Plan
      (incurs $50 FACTS Fee)
      Monthly payment plan over 12 months (June-May)
      If registering after June, the balance will be split over the remaining months in the school year.
    Additional FACTS Fees
  • Returned Payment $30
    Credit Card Transactions 2.5% convenience fee
    Withdrawal and Refunds
  • Providence makes commitments to faculty, staff and facilities long before the start of a new school year. These annual obligations continue even if a child withdraws from Providence.

    Should a change in circumstances necessitate retracting your child's enrollment, written notification of intent to withdraw must be given to Providence. However, withdrawal does not release you from the tuition agreement established in the registration process. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child, the following schedule applies:
    Withdrawal Date Amount Due
    Prior to June 1 One Month Tuition
    Prior to August 1 Two Months Tuition
    August 1 or after Full Tuition Balance

    Additional Notes
    • Tuition will be pro-rated on a monthly basis for students enrolling after the school year is already in progress. Tuition is due in full for any month in which the student is enrolled.
    • If payments become delinquent by 30 days, the student may not be permitted to return to school until the balance is brought current.
    • If a student withdraws or is expelled from Providence, the student’s records will not be released until the required tuition balance is paid in full.
    • Exceptions may be made to the withdrawal policies for active military members who receive duty orders requiring the family to relocate or for families in full time ministry who are entering the mission field.

Need-Based Financial Aid

It is our goal that any family that aligns with the mission of Providence and desires to attend will be able to.  We hope that this offering will help to fulfill this goal. Financial aid may be granted to qualifying families and will serve to lower a family’s overall tuition.

Providence has a very limited financial aid budget. Many families who could not afford to attend Providence are able to receive financial help through their extended family or church. We ask that you pursue those routes prior to applying for financial aid so we may reserve the financial aid budget for those who cannot receive aid by another way.

Families applying for financial aid must also Apply for Admission.  Families will not be informed of their adjusted tuition amount until the admission process is complete and the family is offered admission to Providence. Re-enrolling families are given priority for financial aid. 
    How to Apply for Financial Aid
  • The determination of a family’s need will be performed by FACTS Management.  Applications for tuition assistance can be made by visiting our FACTS web portal at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/4J6N9.   Note that this will require creation of a FACTS account if you do not already have one.  There is a one-time application fee of $35 paid to FACTS for processing of your information and performing the determination of need. 
    Financial Aid Deadline
  • The financial aid application deadline is March 31 for the following school year. Financial aid decisions will be made in April of each year.
    Additional Notes
    • Application for financial aid is optional and does not guarantee that any aid will be provided. 
    • Providence reserves the final decision on granting of any financial aid.
    • The amount of aid will be based on the family’s need and Providence's enrollment projections.
    • Priority is given to reenrolling Providence families.
    • Families will be required to reapply for aid each school year.