We had prayed to find such a school as Providence and couldn't believe it when we learned there was one opening in Wilmington. Helena has not only grown, but has just thrived at Providence this past year.

We couldn't speak more highly of the school.


The Counts Family | Providence Parents


From the very beginning, we were created to glorify the Creator. Paul reminds us in I Corinthians 10:31 that "whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God." It's with this purpose we exist to provide Christ centered instruction to the students and families of PPA and to the community around us. As a teacher at Providence I can testify that our pursuit of quality classical education mediates from the very core of our school. Students are taught from a purposeful, quality curriculum that stimulates academic prosperity. They are also given opportunities to foster godly characteristics that will draw them closer to His likeness. Communication is paramount to the success of this program, therefore, parents and teachers work closely together to create an education for the students that is uniquely their own.

After teaching for ten years, this is my first experience teaching classically. Even from the dawn of my employment, it was evident that the Lord's leading was providential. Through this past year I have seen the students, families, and staff grow exponentially, and am excited to see what He has planned for the future. The school is alive and active and will continue to glorify the Lord who has made all of these things possible!


Megan Sponseller | Providence 3rd Grade Teacher


Not having come from a home school background, our family was nervous about what might lie in store, looking forward to becoming a co-teacher in my son's education. We have, however, been thoroughly impressed by our experience at Providence thus far. I have received all of the necessary instruction and training to provide my son with a school-like learning atmosphere in our home, while at the same time, he has received the benefit of learning and socializing with his peers two days per week at the school. We could not be more pleased with this balance, which has proven to be just the right fit for our family!


The Moser Family | Providence Parents


Providence Preparatory Academy has provided our family a scalable platform with a flexible model that has eased our children into an atmosphere of lifelong learning. I highly recommend this school to everyone who believes that God provides everything.


The Morris Family | Providence Parents


Providence has been a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer to our family. Our daughter has loved her teachers and friends at Providence. She has developed into quite the "little reader" and impresses us with her history and math skills. She enjoys the extracurricular activities as well and our hearts melt when she recites her character traits and scripture memory verses. We are amazed at how she has embraced the challenge of the Classical style curriculum as well.

As her coteachers, we have truly valued the guidance with her curriculum. It's a big commitment to home educate a child and can seem overwhelming. As passionate as we were about it, we didn't want to spend all our extra time lesson planning and researching methods. This is one of the greatest benefits of a university model method- we didn't have to do it ALL, yet can still be an integral part of our daughter's education. We are exceedingly impressed with the leadership and support offered by PPA as well as the love and guidance from our daughter's teachers.


The Tartt Family | Providence Parents

Providence Preparatory Academy is an answer to prayer for my family. I had spent months searching for the ideal place for my daughter to begin kindergarten. It seemed I just couldn’t find that perfect fit, so I was concerned as to what we would do. I prayed about my decision and left it in the Lord’s hands. Then in HIS perfect providence I saw a PPA bumper sticker, Googled the name that evening – and the rest is history. I should mention our drive to school is over an hour away; when questioned about this decision I always respond, “I would drive to the dark-side of the moon for this school!” Providence Preparatory Academy is a blessing to my family in so many ways, but here are the most salient: 1) PPA keeps the focus on Jesus Christ. She comes home encouraged in her faith and we build on that. I do not have to war with what she is taught in school because what she is taught is in line with truth. 2) PPA provides accountability. I had miserably failed at homeschooling when the onus was completely on me to keep us on track. The beach was always so nice, as was the zoo, the park and just cuddling on the couch reading a book. With the mix of satellite days and classroom days we must complete her work in a timely manner (by the next classroom day) or she has nothing to show. 3) The Classical Education. The academics at Providence provide her with the strongest foundation possible. My extended family and friends marvel at her timeline from Creation – Modern America. When friends stop by while we are in the middle of math, they mention how advanced the problems are that she’s studying. She isn’t an extraordinarily gifted child or anything like that, but the classical curriculum sure makes her seem like it!


The Weathers Family | Providence Parents