Parking and Drop-off / Pick-up

It is imperative that the parking lot be a place of safety.  Please observe the following rules/guidelines:
  1. Drop-off/Pick-up Lane

    Providence will utilize a student drop off and pick up lane as shown above. A Providence Car Placard will be issued to each family. Children will only be allowed into vehicles with a valid placard. If a placard is missing or forgotten, or the driver is unrecognized, the identity of the driver will be verified and checked against the student’s record to ensure they are authorized for pick-up.

  2. Parking

    Parents, teachers, or visitors may park in any parking space. However, no one will be admitted to the building from 15 minutes prior until completion of drop off/pick up.

Additional Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policies
  • Students may not be dropped off at the school prior to the official start of the drop off procedure. Students may not wait outside the doors to be let in. Students should remain in vehicles in the drop off line until a staff member assists them.
  • Parent should call the school office if you will be more than 10 minutes late to pick up a child.
  • Habitually late pickups may result in fines up to $50/month.
  • Parents must complete an Authorized Contacts form with a list of individuals approved to pick up their student, along with the make/model/license plate of each corresponding vehicle. Providence must be notified if anyone other than an approved name will pick up a child.
  • Any vehicle picking up a child should have proper child restraints (car seats/booster seats for children under 8 years old). This is the responsibility of the parent and/or authorized contact. Providence is not responsible to verify that cars have proper child restraints.
  • If you should need extra time to buckle children, or speak with someone please either park or pull around to the side of the building in order to not impede the pick up line.