Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
    What is a Classical Christian Education?
  • For a discussion of classical christian education, please see our Classical Christian Education page.
    How does Providence differ from a homeschooling co-op?
  • Providence is a private, tuition-funded Christian school with paid professional educators who are prayerfully screened and selected by our administration and board of directors. As a University Model School, all children who enroll will be required to attend the full schedule of classes, two days per week in the Grammar Stage (elementary school) and three days per week in the Logic and Rhetoric Stages (middle and high school). Parents who have been homeschooling will no longer register with the state as a homeschool. Unlike a co-op, parents will not be asked to teach or devote a certain number of hours in the classroom in exchange for the right to attend. Since our students, in the grammar stage, are at school two full days a week (as opposed to one morning a week) our teachers have the opportunity to thoroughly teach each subject and expand on the lessons being taught, in addition to providing memory work as a tool for learning.

    Teachers provide parents assignment sheets for the days of off-campus instruction allowing them to focus on mentoring and discipling their children. Providence also employs placement testing, which will allow students to move up or down a grade in certain courses as needed (particularly in mathematics). In addition to courses typically found in a co-op (Math, grammar, history, Latin, etc), Providence also provides professional instruction in Greek (5th - 8th grade), music, art and PE. As the school grows, more courses and more electives will be added to the curriculum.

    What is the student/teacher ratio?
  • At Providence, our goal is to have a student to teacher ratio small enough to facilitate strong relationships between students and teachers, as well as parents and teachers. We have a goal of no more than approximately 16-18 students per class. In actuality, many of our classes are far smaller.
    What grades does Providence offer?
  • For the 2018-2019 school year we will offer Kindergarten through 8th grade. It is our intention to add one grade level per year until we reach 12th grade.
    Is Providence planning to offer more grades?
  • Yes! We plan to add one grade per year until we reach the 12th grade.
    Does Providence have a dress code?
  • Yes. Our dress code is intended to reflect the school's stated aims to honor God and disciple students. It is designed to encourage modesty, decency, and propriety and to de-emphasize the use of clothing as a significant means of establishing self-identity or gaining attention or social status (Matt. 6:28-34; 1 Cor. 9:19-23; 1 Peter 3:2-4; 1 Tim. 2:9, 10; James 2:1-5). We also have regular Spirit Days where students may participate in a theme or wear PPA t-shirts.
    My wife and I both work full-time outside our home. Would Providence be a good fit for us?
  • One of the most important ingredients in the success of the University-Model is an available parent (or other adult) who can be engaged in the learning process with the student. For many families the mother takes on the role of "Co-teacher" on the satellite days (off-campus days), for other families both parents share this role, and in some other families another adult facilitates the satellite day instruction of the child. Providence offers a five day Independent Study Program (Monday - Friday) for Logic level students (6th-8th). Please see our Program Options for details. Any time an adult, other than a parent, will be taking on the Co-teaching responsibilities we request that person to be present during the family interview and Co-teacher Training events.
    How much time will students spend doing schoolwork on their days at home?
  • The general rule of thumb is that for every hour spent in class on campus, the student will need to spend an hour on that subject in the “satellite classroom”.  If a student is academically strong in a particular area, perhaps less time will be needed. If a student is weak in a subject or the subject is particularly challenging, then more time will be needed. The amount of time spent varies greatly with grade level, personality, and family dynamics on satellite days. 

    Are colleges accepting students from University Model Schools? What makes them attractive to colleges over other students?
  • Students from University Model Schools have had no difficulty in gaining entrance to colleges and universities nationwide. In fact, the majority of graduates have been awarded scholarships for academic achievement, student leadership, and athletic or artistic ability. University Model School students are attractive to colleges because of their strong work ethic, successful study habits, leadership skills, and character as demonstrated through various student activities -- academic, athletic, artistic, and governmental.
Academics Questions
    What curriculum does Providence utilize?
  • Providence utilizes a variety of challenging curriculum following a classical methodology. For more information about specific curriculum we use, please contact us and we will be happy to share more details with you!
    Does Providence follow the Common Core Curriculum?
  • No, Providence does not follow the Common Core Curriculum.
    Who are the teachers?
  • We are always praying and searching for the right teachers to join the Providence family. Not only must teachers be positive character role models, they must also demonstrate personal mastery over the course content they teach, the skills to communicate that content effectively, and the ability to motivate and inspire students toward learning for the glory of God.

    You can view the teachers for the current school year by visiting our Teachers and Staff page.

    If you are interested in teaching at Providence, please follow the steps outlined on our Employment page.
    My child is gifted (or challenged) in math. How can Providence help him?
  • Students in a UMS are allowed to advance by course mastery, not age or grade level alone. Elementary students are allowed to move up or down one grade level in a given course subject. Mathematics is the subject that this most regularly occurs in.
Admission Questions
    How do I apply for admission to Providence?
  • Providence Preparatory Academy officially opens enrollment in early January. Once enrollment opens, you can apply on our Admissions page and we will contact you to move forward with your application. 

    New students are typically only admitted before the beginning of each new school year. Mid-year admissions are rare and are determined on a case by case basis. There is a one month admission grace period following the start of each semester within which time new students may be admitted. Following the end of this grace period, most cases will be deferred for acceptance until the start of the next semester.

    If you would like to apply for mid-year admission for a particular school year, please contact us first and we can discuss if this is a possibility for your student.
    When does enrollment begin for the next school year?
  • Enrollment for the upcoming school year officially opens in early January.
    Do I have to be a Christian for my child to attend Providence?
  • Providence Preparatory Academy is a University-Model Christian school whose mission includes a vital spiritual element. Both parent involvement and student cooperation are essential ingredients to the school's successful fulfillment of its mission. Therefore, as a condition of acceptance, parents applying for admission for their children must be in agreement with the school's doctrinal position. In addition at least one parent must be a follower of Christ.
    Must I be an active part of a local church for my child to attend Providence?
  • Providence recognizes and affirms the God given authority of the local church and joyfully supports and submits to her leadership. We also affirm the Church to be the repository of truth and in no way intend to usurp or replace her instruction. Rather, our desire is to serve the church as a trusted resource in the education of children. In light of this, Providence trusts the local church in assessing the spiritual health of those in her body. As part of the application process, therefore, each family will be asked to provide a reference of a church leader close to them (pastor, elder, etc).
Financial Questions
    What is the tuition for Providence?
  • You can view our current tuition rates on our Tuition and Fees page. We offer generous multi-student discounts and in some cases are able to offer financial aid.
    Does Providence offer financial aid?
  • Financial aid may be granted to qualifying families.  The amount of aid will be based on the family’s need and enrollment projections.  It is our goal that any family that aligns with the mission of Providence and desires to attend will be able to. For more information about applying for financial aid at Providence, visit our Tuition and Fees page.
Donation Questions
    How do I donate to Providence?
  • We appreciate your willingness to partner with us in this exciting endeavor! Providence now provides the opportunity for online giving via our Donate Online page. Providence uses PayPal to process credit card, debit card, and direct withdrawl donations. PayPal handles all of the security necessary for processing the transaction and then transfers the money into the school bank account. Giving online through PayPal is fast and secure. Note: Setting up a recurring gift requires you to have a PayPal account.

    Or if you prefer, checks may be made out to Providence Preparatory Academy and mailed to:
    Providence Preparatory Academy
    c/o Brian Triplett, Treasurer
    2730 Northchase Parkway
    Wilmington, NC 28405

    Are my donations tax deductible?
  • Yes! Providence Preparatory Academy is an approved 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Any donations made will be considered tax deductible and a year-end receipt will be issued to the donor.

Some of the above excerpts were taken from Character Driven College Preparation by Dr. John W. Turner, Jr. This book is available through Providence Preparatory Academy.