Program Options

Providence offers a classical Christian course of study through two program options designed to allow parents flexibility while achieving the same educational end. Parents may customize their child's education to meet individual and family needs by choosing from the Signature Program or the Independent Study Program.

Signature Program

The Signature Program offers families an opportunity to partner with excellent teachers in their children's education. Providing a flexible family schedule and more time together. Grammar students (K-5th) and Logic students (6th-8th) enrolled in the Signature Program receive professional instruction at school two or three days a week respectively and study at home under the tutelage of their parents (or other designated co-teacher) the remaining days. Signature Program tuition covers a full academic course load taught on campus two or three days per week.

Independent Study Program

Providence offers a five day program option for Logic level students (6th-8th grade). Students enrolled in this program attend classes three days/week and complete their satellite day assignments in a professionally staffed learning center on campus the remaining two days. The schedule promotes the independent study of the University Model schedule while serving families that are looking for a five day/week option. The Independent Study Program provides families the opportunity to partner with excellent teachers in their children's education while taking part in a vibrant learning community. Although most of the student’s work will be completed in the learning center, you, as the parent, still play a vital role in your child’s education. Extensive research, class projects, textbook and literature reading, and studying for quizzes and tests may be beyond what your child can accomplish during Learning Center time. These assignments that are finished at home provide opportunities for you to collaborate and continue to be involved in your child’s education. Parents of Independent Study Program students are also expected to ensure all assignments have been completed.


Regardless of the program option you choose, we are here to help you and your child succeed. Prior to beginning the school year, Providence Preparatory Academy offers orientation, training, and support to ensure a successful educational experience. Twice a year on-going co-teacher training sessions are held to provide on-going support. Parents are also welcome to conference with the student’s teacher each quarter.